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How to Choose the Best Check Valve

If you are operating a pumping system, a check valve should be installed in the discharge piping to ensure there is no backflow of the material being pumped. Unfortunately, there is no one type of check valve that suitable for all applications which is why you should ensure you are selecting the best for whatever you want to use it for. This is why there are several selection criteria you should consider if you want to buy the right check valve for your application. Before you start shopping for check valves, ensure you consider the following factors.

The first factor to consider when shopping for a check valve is fluid compatibility; all check valves are designed to withstand water and treated wastewater, however, the presence of solid materials in the water may affect its operations. Another factor to consider when choosing a check valve is what you want the check valve to do; understanding the purpose of the valve you are buying will help you select the best one for your specific application, and not one based on the size of the pipe.

Before going shopping for a check valve, inquire how much back pressure are you expecting to deal with you should know how much back pressure the check valve is capable of withstanding. Consider whether the check valve will be installed in a submerged condition or not; if you intend to use it in a submerged condition, ensure it is designed for that condition and manufactured using a material capable of withstanding the backpressure.

The flow rate is another factor to consider when shopping for check valves; knowing the flow rate you are dealing with will help you choose the best check valves best suited for where and how you will be using them. There are three styles of check valves each installed at different points in the discharge pipe, however, you can know the right one to buy if know where it will be located and the inlet pressure of your system.

The amount you are ready to part with to acquire a check valve, to install it, and regular maintenance should all be factored in; the total cost of ownership should be within your budget to avoid overspending. The reputation of a check valve dealer is sometimes the only proof you need of the quality of their services; look for a dealer with a positive reputation. Before selecting a check valve, ensure you have all the answers to these questions.

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